Plus Size Corsets – How To Measure For One

by Sonya on March 26, 2013

It is hard to get it wrong when measuring for a corset, so we just wanted to give you a few little tips on the best way to measure for a corset and why guessing just won’t work.

  • Corsets don’t come in clothing sizes – You’ll need to measure up for a corset
  • No breathing in when measuring – This is vital! You will order the wrong size corset if you kid yourself
  • Take your clothes off when measuring

These are by far the 3 steps you must take when measuring for a corset. You’ll need to grab a tape measure and get naked. Measure around your full bust and then your waist and absolutely no breathing in, you’ll end up ordering a corset too small for you and then be disappointed. The measurement must be your natural waist measurement, which means how your tummy is when you are just breathing in and out. Take a look at this picture, you’ll be wanting to measure where that middle line is.

sizing Plus Size Corsets   How To Measure For One

The Middle Line Is Your Waist

The middle line on this picture is where you want to be be measuring as that is the shape of a corset. We all have the bit of a waist that goes in, some may not find it as obvious to see, but it is there. On the website we have made it easy to see which corset size to order, so when you’ve measured up you can see clearly which size to order. We do ask you to measure your bust, but as long as your bust isn’t more than 10″ larger than that of your waist measurement, then it’s a safe bet that all our corsets will fit you just fine.

Our last and final tip – If you’re looking for a plus size corset, then make sure it’s a plus size steel boned corset. You’re buying a corset to look and feel good, an acrylic boned cheap corset just isn’t going to do that for you. A corset should cinch your waist in and define your waist and enhance your figure, not look like you’re about to burst out of one or where your bust is spilling out of one.

For our full range of plus size corsets

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